Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A large, high dynamic range file - Polaroid Type 55 Negative

Video, audio and photographic imaging share many things in common, including the need for lots of data to deliver and present detailed information over a large area, or time frame.  In the case of music, compression schemes lighten the data load while degrading the original file.  Images suffer the same degradation in jpeg compression.

Blogger is set up to give you a clickable thumbnail image, like the one you see on the left derived from a 4X5" Polaroid Type 55 black and white instant negative shot with a view camera.  The scene is Hemlock Gorge in Newton, MA, where the Charles River spills over several dams built before the turn of the last century.

Click on the image, wait for it to load (a fraction of a second if you have broadband) and thank google.Or click here and get the full size file.