Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Terms: Winter Clench, Still Actor, Pettered

Along the way our wonderful English language provides us with many creative opportunities to express ourselves in new ways.  And as the internet allows us to see more writings of people we also can become aware of cliches more easily.  So there is a good reason to continue to try new things and even make up new words or names, such as we did with Naked Eye, Roswellite, and New55.

Here are the latest:

Ruined, in a bad way
This term comes from the last name of Petters, who ruined Polaroid, its stockholders, and pensioners in a particularly bad way. 

"After I changed the tire on the New Jersey Turnpike, my suit was completely pettered"

Still Actor
An actor who is seen in the production of still images.
This term fills the gap between conventional stage, TV or screen actors, and "models" to describe significant and intentional artistic participation in the creation process.

Winter clench
A condition where people who are subjected to cold Winter weather start to become tense, tight, and introverted. A term to describe the holding of a coat closed in a cold, bitter wind, often with a grimace.

Rock is Dead/ R.I.P.

Rock is Dead. Go here to see it nearing its ultimate, moribund state, which is quite enjoyable!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pete's KSM-313

Here is a link to the accompanying press release about the mics used during the halftime show.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

More Analog to Digital Imagery Analogies

Panavision, a company that I admire for its innovation, persistence of focus on customer needs, and pure technical genius, has this interesting video with comments by cinematographer Allen Daviau. The control of dynamic range, resolution, and also what is out of focus, the effect that has on the overall image, are in ways analogous to audio recording, I believe.

Listen to Allen's comments about "beauty light" in the context of the "recording".

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Lombardo, Clapton, Now

Captive members of The Baby Boom know we must exit planet earth before pop culture time distortions in the media can effectively dissipate.

In simpler terms, there is this iPhone ad with Eric Clapton on TV.  Apple makes it, and pushes it effectively.

Guy Lombardo (look him up) peaked in 1947. Clapton peaked two decades after that in 1967.  Let's see...77,87, 97, 07 +3 - that's 43 years til now, more than twice the Lombardo-Clapton scale.

Just sayin.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Can you tell an Analog from a Digital recording?

You know we spent a lot of time and many paragraphs about analog recording vs digital, and how ribbon microphones are able to put "a dose of analog" back into digital recordings.

Well the exact same thing seems to be true about images! If you use an instant film like this Fuji color print film, you will regain that film-nearness that we had for so many years, even when scanned in and posted on the internet as a jpeg.

There are millions of old Polaroid cameras out there that this film fits in. If you have one, I suggest you pick up a pack on Amazon and give analog imaging another look.

Can you tell the difference between analog and digital?  See here and figure out which ones are analog, and which are not.

Not enough? How about this!