Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wireless Microphone Antennas for White Spaces

Excellent diversity reception from just one antenna is now a reality

You know how we have dispelled many myths in the past - Antennas are no different: There are plenty of myths surround antennas for wireless microphones that are preventing users from getting the most out of their wireless equipment.

We think we have the best and easiest to use wireless microphone antenna, and its virtues come from the fact that it completely overcomes the myth of dual antenna orientation.  Sparing the boring details, the myth says that the antennas should be spaced parallel to each to each other. Not so, in fact doing so assures that in some instances a deep null will result.

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RFvenue's Diversity Fin tm antenna connects to BOTH ports on any diversity receiver, eliminating the need to mount and position a second antenna. Not only that, the Diversity Fin tm antenna maintains strict polarization and space diversity at all times, at any orientation.  That means you never will have a dreaded cross polarized null that produces a pfft in the audio.

Everyone will thank you - or at least they won't have anything to complain about!

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Cross polarized nulls occur when the plane of the RF signal is exactly at right angles - 90 degrees - from the antenna. That doesn't happen often and if it does, usually not for long, but when it does, it produces a loss of 20 decibels. That's bad.

But, it can be prevented, entirely, by using a fixed diversity antenna with cross plane polariztion, such as the patent pending Diversity Fin tm antenna from RFvenue.  At $299, it's cheap insurance against pfft! or worse.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Singing on a Rainy Day

Today it was raining and kind of cold, now that Summer is over here in Massachusetts. Not so where Larry Killip is. I've been waiting to post this one, which shows a Naked Eye. Lovely song from Larry