Friday, November 19, 2010

The Curtain Society recieves Good Song Award

Ashland MA, Nov 19, 2010: Worcester Massachusetts-based The Curtain Society has been named for the "Good Song" award by Soundwave Research, makers of RFvenue  gear, and supporters of local arts and culture.

The Good Song chosen for the prize - an undisclosed, but desirable, musical device, instrument, or secretly-stashed item - is "Marigold Girl" from The Curtain Society CD "Every Corner of the Room".

Criteria for the Good Song award is 1. Song kicks ass, 2. Has great tone, 3. Well recorded, 4.Well written, and 5. Sounds Really Good. We first heard Marigold Girl in April 2009 and it is still a favorite.

The Curtain Society appears tonight, November 19, at Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester, MA. For further details, visit The Curtain Society website.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Antenna Parts

Barely visible within the stream of thick, creamy coolant, this RFvenue antenna part is one of many being CNC fabricated these days.

Now that the FCC has changed the rules about how, and who has access to the finite airwaves, there are many new opportunities and problems, too, like interference and crowding.

Check out RFvenue here.