Monday, April 18, 2011

google showing cracks in foundation

Search engine giant google has recently announced that it is getting out of the google branded video server business - surrendering in name to its more powerful and popular YouTube search engine - at the same time that the number one internet search engine and website is exhibiting a marked decrease in search results quality, and a large increase in search spam.

Other search engines such as Alta Vista and Yahoo are expected to benefit by user frustration as google tries to find its way back, even as its own news items in its popular news pages languish with stale news pieces that are weeks old.

Something is wrong at google. The darling of the internet revolution, google owns blogger, which this blog is part of. Google is nice to blogger, and gives it a high search ranking, something this author is grateful for. But google may have too many irons in the fire and could lose its touch as more of its searches produce junk, spam, and aggregator sites designed to dupe google into directing users to click on impressions put there by advertisers - revenue google does not enjoy.

Let's hope that google figures out the magic it once was, and doesn't end up like other great companies that have come and gone except in name, such as Polaroid, AIG, and Blockbuster.