Friday, June 10, 2011

Quickbooks disables their software three years after you buy it

Chat InformationPlease wait for an agent to respond. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute(s) and 3 second(s).
Chat InformationYou are now chatting with Jeffrey. In order to better serve you, may I have your name?
you: Robert Crowley Soundwave Research Labs
Jeffrey: Hi, this is Jeff from QuickBooks Online Sales. Thank you for choosing to chat with me today. How may I assist you?
Jeffrey: Pleased to meet you online Robert!
you: Our email send function on the manufacturing version has been disabled by Quickbooks. Can you please restore it?
Jeffrey: Just to set your expectation, this chat option is for QuickBooks Online pre-sales and sales chat queue. May I ask what year version of QuickBooks are you currently using?
you: 2008
Jeffrey: Okay. Is it Pro or Premier?
you: This will also affect future purchase decisions too
you: Pro
Jeffrey: Oh I see. I do apologize but you've reached QuickBooks Online pre-sales and sales chat queue. I am trained for product specifics and sales, and I am afraid that regarding your question, I may not be able to assist you with your technical issue. I recommend that you call our QuickBooks Technical Support Department to better assist you with your concern.
you: Does the new version allow me to remotely access via the web?
Jeffrey: I do apologize, you need to have a Remote Access Service even in the latest version if you want to access QuickBooks from different locations.
Jeffrey: Do you have the number of the Support Department?
you: Also will Intuit maintain all functions on new products? The reason I ask is that I am considering an upgrade, which is very costly internally, and want to know if I will lose functions such as email, and when. This is a sales features issue, not a support call.
Jeffrey: Yes, they maintain the old features even in the latest version of QuickBooks.
you: OK so why has email function been shut off my present version? Is that legal?
Jeffrey: To give you more details about the new feature of QuickBooks Pro, I will send you a link.
you: Actually Jeffrey, I'd like to get an answer from Intuit.
Jeffrey: QuickBooks Pro 2011 - click here
you: Please answer my question
Jeffrey: I do apologize but you've reached QuickBooks Online pre-sales and sales chat queue. We do not have the resource or tool to give you the information you need. I recommend that you call our QuickBooks Customer Service Department at 888-246-8848.
you: This is a basic question about a feature. You should be able to find the answer
Jeffrey: We have a service discontinuation every 3 years, that is why I strongly recommend an upgrade in order to use the e-mail service function.
you: Ok tell me about this "service discontinuation". Does that mean the software is disabled in three years from purchase date?
Jeffrey: Okay. Let me give you a link about the service discontinuation and the upgrade