Friday, November 25, 2011

UBA - the Ultra Black Absorber - the blackest substance known

Invented January 1997 by Robert J Crowley

Copyright 2009: Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc.

The recent work being done today by NASA in ultrablack surfaces sounds like work first done by us in 2000 that has a priority date of January 1997. One of the properties of the carbon nanotube antenna is the ability to absorb RF and lightwave energy over a very wide range of wavelengths, and this produces a very dense black that can be used to make solar thermal absorbers work better, and for optical systems that can't have any internal reflections.

Here is a link to one of several patents in the collection that covers this invention. 

Sample Claim:

1. An electromagnetic energy absorbing structure device comprising: a substrate for supporting an aligned array of electromagnetic energy modifying nanotubes thereon; an array of nanotubes on said substrate arranged for the receipt of electromagnetic energy, wherein the electromagnetic energy received by the nanotubes arranged on the substrate is selected from the group consisting of: electromagnetic energy in the visible range, electromagnetic energy in the ultraviolet range or electromagnetic energy in the infrared range. 

See  CROSS-REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATION in the above patent to view the January 16, 1997 priority date.

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