Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dowload this album - The Sausage Factory

Klezmer, meets Tin Hat Trio meets Beck meets Bonzo Dog meets Eminem meets Donald Fagen meets Basement Jaxx meets Uncle Meat, ground, salted and extruded by the mind of Sean, known for the El Diablo song, among other creative controversies. This one an encyclopedia of motifs, encased like knockwurst, the kind that is still crackly and sublime, but more complicated than that.  Throw away the flaccid rock idioms and leave behind the indie dirges: Instead listen to this "fun record".  The MOBA-like album art is a plus, and tells you nothing about what's inside.  Just like sausage.

Former guitarist of The Arrogant Sons of Bitches (and brief keyboardist of Bomb the Music Industry!), Sean Eldon wanders out into the pop landscape and hitting all the good stuff. Written and recorded in little over a month, The Sausage Factory is an immediate and incredibly fun record to listen to. For fans of Squeeze, Dismemberment Plan, Elvis Costello, The Supremes and other good things.
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