Thursday, August 01, 2013

Huckleberry era Closed

The closing of Huckleberry Music/Mercenary Audio was much discussed, but not much mention has been made of the motifs, artwork, advertising ideas and trademarks that make the Mercenary Audio brand a good fit for all kinds of merchandise and services today.  I tried to find an old ad that was not specific to any particular product and came up with this one from way back: "More signal  Less noise"tm is something we always agreed with.

The 1960's style of this ad appeals to me. It is, perhaps, visually reminiscent of old TWA posters set to the tune of Tom Waits' "Prices Prices".  Enjoy the humor and the message!

Soundwave Research owns and uses Mercenary, Mercenary Audio, Mercenary Wireless on products and services relating to a wide variety of products and works with sister division to serve wireless needs in venues, churches, theaters and convention centers.