Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lauren Passarelli Receives 2017 "Good Song" Award

Musician, Guitarist Lauren Passarelli wins Good Song Award for Harry

Lauren Passarelli
Ashland, MA. January 18, 2017. Music and electronics technology company Soundwave Research has awarded its "Good Song" prize to Berklee guitar professor and multi instrumentalist Lauren Passarelli for her song "Harry", originally released on the album Honeywine on Feather Records. The Good Song Award is a semi-annual recognition of musical, technical and recording achievements, and is awarded to the composer, artist or performers involved in the production of the good song. Each "Good Song" is chosen as having outstanding merits in Artistic Concept, Songwriting, Musicianship, Recording quality, Sonic quality, Appeal and General Creativity. Recipients are awarded an objet d'art, piece of recording gear or some other treasure from the archives.

"Lauren Passarelli's music is well known to us at the laboratory and has been in more or less continuous play since she started using one of the Crowley and Tripp Studio Vocalist microphones, built by Soundwave in 2006" said Bob Crowley, who runs the lab. "The music produced by our customers is an important source of inspiration for product developers, engineers and other people working to invent, create and build new tools for artistic expression, and Lauren's friendship and support is very important to that" he added.

"Thank you very much for this award!" said Lauren. ""Harry" refers to Harry Nilsson and the vocal style used in the song is also influenced by him" she added.

Lauren Passarelli is also known for her avid interest in The Beatles and performed their music in tribute bands such as All Together Now, Get Back, and AfterFab, as well as the progressive pop group Two Tru which also features keyboardist Cindy Brown.